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This Ultimate Guide is an online training course designed to teach you in the simplest way. You will be learning all the knowledge to starting and operating you’re very own successful trucking business. This Ultimate Guide will be available to you for a period of (30) days.

Preparation is the Key to Your Success
  • According to a US Bank study, 82% of Trucking businesses fail within the first six months. Why is this? Most people that startup a trucking business lose more than $10,000 within the first month and most continue to lose to a point of having to file for bankruptcy. This happens because of the lack of knowledge on how to get setup, how to get your loads and most importantly how to get paid. For these reasons and many more, is why this startup packet is highly recommended in starting up your own trucking business.

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  1. Training Overview - this is a brief guide to the Trucking Business.
  2. Startup Cost
  3. FMCSA / State Setup
  4. Equipment Purchasing
  5. How to get Paid
  6. How to Book Loads
  7. Operating the Business
  8. How to Analyze your Loads
  9. How to Minimize your Fuel Cost
  10. How to Submit - Profit Reports
  11. How to Increase your Profit Returns
  12. Consortium / FMCSA Clearing House
  13. How to Avoid Cash Flow Problems
  14. Skills Quiz / Test - will allow you to continuously test your skills. So you can determine when your ready to start your own Trucking Business.
Graduate Students will be able to enroll in the Profit Analyzer - Systems service with the setup fee waived. The Graduates Students that choose to enroll in the Profit Analyzer - Systems will have extended access to the Training Overview after this online course expires for (1) year.

Billing & Activation Processing - INFORMATION
  • After purchase payment, we will be sending important information to you via email. If you haven’t received a purchase confirmation email within an hour, please check any spam folders and filters to see if our email has been blocked. If you don’t find the email, please contact our support team with the details of your purchase.
  • Trucking Business - Startup Packet: your payment will take between 24 and 72 hours to be cleared by the payment gateways. This Selected Service Plan will not become active until the payment has been cleared. You will then be receiving another email notifying you that your service is now active.

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