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The biggest problem most Owner Operators experience is low or negative Net Income (Profit).
To solve this problem learn to master this app.

  1. Company Drivers:
  2. This app will teach you the concept of being a successful Owner Operator. Your first step is to start using this app while driving the company truck. So Reset the Trip Odometer to 0.0 every day before you start driving. At the end of your day enter in your gross income and trip odometer miles. This will help you with understanding how a trucking business should be operating as an owner operator.
    Once you decide to start your own trucking business contact us (through app support). Our Online Trucking Business Startup Training Course will teach you all the steps to setting up your own Trucking Business.

    Startup Business Training

  3. Owner Operators:
  4. An outrageous gross revenue with a very low net income is very normal in this type of business. The objective of this app is to help you achieve a net income result that’s much closer to your gross revenue.

    We encourage you to use this app daily and follow the instructions. As you start using this app we want you to continue booking / operating your business in your normal way. The more you use this app you will start to understand some of the different ways of operating. This concept will force you to start making some changes to your booking / operating strategy.

Once you decide to transform your business to this winning strategy. Contact us (through app support) about upgrading to our Profit Analyzer. This analyzer trains you on how to make 95% of your Gross Revenue become your Net Income (Profit Return).

Profit Monitoring – Analyzer

Start sharing this app with other Owner Operators. The more app users the Better the Rates.

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