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Before downloading any app, follow the steps below to set up your personalized app service, then download your selected app.

  1. Contact Us through the form above to request your selected app service.
  2. Once approved, we will send you a registration web link.
  3. Once you complete the account registration, you will need to complete the app account information to personalize your selected app.
  4. Then download the chosen app and log in using the login information you create for the app account.

Once these steps are complete, download the app login and start using the service immediately.

Why do you need this Advance System?

As you have learned, the broker bases the load rate on zip code miles. Every load you are transporting costs you more than zip code miles.
These systems allow you to evaluate your loads to see the established outcome results. This feature helps you determine if the load will produce a profitable win or an increased loss.

Both apps use the Profit Analyzer System.
Your objective these apps is to beat the (R) Rate.

Customized App System Requirements

To use either of these customized app services shown above will require users to open an account. A personalized service based on your business is the best method for building success.

Profit Analyzer – app

Top Performers’ use Truck Masters – app

Openings are limited, and this app also comes with live support to assist you with using and understanding. Including the Profit Analyzer system.
This app system is the complete package, including the Profit Analyzer system. This app will guide you step by step to achieving $63k for 10,000 total (loaded plus empty) miles.

As a Common Carrier/Owner Operator,
To become a master is not about booking loads; it’s about booking Profits.

The first step is to learn this concept.

The Winning Team for Truckers.
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